September 2016

Interpreting service for Asia Beauty & Cosmetics Industry Convention 2015

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On 1st September, the Asia Beauty & Cosmetics Industry Convention 2015 was held at the Wanhao Hongqiao Hotel. This convention is organized by our partner – CDMC, which mainly focused on the topics of raw materials, marketing, packaging, testing and market trends. Over 60 experts and managers from many famous companies, such as L’Oreal, Unilever, Proya and Kose, shared their professional knowledge and opinions.


We provided 6 English-Chinese simultaneous interpreters for both the main forum and the 2-day conference.

adminInterpreting service for Asia Beauty & Cosmetics Industry Convention 2015
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Our partner- AKINATOR

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The famous Genie is hungry for a new challenge. To help him, go in search for Aki Awards…

Akinator can read your mind and tell you exactly what character you are thinking about, just by asking a few questions. Think of a real or fictional character and Akinator will try to guess who it is. Will you dare challenge the mind skills of the Genie?

We are a partner of AKINATOR in CHINA. For more information, please visit:

Download it in Apple Store.

adminOur partner- AKINATOR
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What’s been happening ?

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Solar Impulse took off for its sixth flight from Chongqing to Nanjing, China, on Tuesday April 21st 2015, at 06:06 Beijing time and landed on Tuesday April 21st at 23:28. Bertrand Piccard flew the zero-fuel airplane 1344km (725.7 NM) for 17 hours and 22 minutes. The next possible flight is the epic Pacific crossing, scheduled for May 9th.

solar1 solar2

See our Interpreter on site below.



adminWhat’s been happening ?
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Forthcoming events

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The First Round-The-World Solar Flight

In March, 2015, the solar-powered flight – the Solar Impulse 2(SI2) will arrive in Nanjing. The first Round-The-World Solar Flight starts from Abu Dhabi and its whole route includes many stops, such as India, Myanmar and Chongqing and NANJING, China. Finally it will return to Abu Dhabi.

The solar-powered plane has a wingspan of 72 meters, larger than that of a Boeing 747, but weighs only 2.3 tons, about as much as a family car. The airframe makes use of carbon fiber to keep the plane as light as possible.

To find out more, please visit:

Our Partner BME is Organizing the 14th Electronica & Productronica in China from March 17th to 19th  2015

The 14th Electronica & Productronica China trade fair will be held in co-operation with Messe München at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 17th to 19th, 2015.
The fair is one of the most important industry gatherings for the electronics industry in Asia. Electronica China specializes in electronic components, systems and applications and Productronica China focuses on the development and production of electronics in China.
To find out more, please visit:

adminForthcoming events
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Interpreting Services provided by our team for Spanish Michelin-Starred Chef in Shanghai

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On February 12th 2015, the Good Life Embassy (TGLE), which helps the Spanish Olive Oil association promote Spanish imported olive oil brands and products in China, was held in Shanghai. This campaign ran for 4 days until February 15th at Green & Safe, which is a Spanish restaurant located at No.6 Dong ping road.


We were invited to take charge of the consecutive Interpreting from SPANISH to CHINESE during the whole event. One consecutive interpreter was sent from our team for the opening ceremony and the 3-day workshops.

adminInterpreting Services provided by our team for Spanish Michelin-Starred Chef in Shanghai
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Even “The Avengers” needs our services

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Audiences have been complaining online about some poor translations in the subtitles, which have been confusing them.

One example is the English below, “Even if you get killed just walk it off” while the Chinese translation is, “Someone is going to kill you. Run.” The word ‘superhero’ was translated as ‘deserter’!


This is just one of many. There are also many more translation mishaps, such as:


That’s it? There’s always something that you cannot imagine.


(Actually I don’t know French. I have made up all the previous subtitles. Sorry, I cannot continue anymore)


adminEven “The Avengers” needs our services
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Interpreting Service for 4th VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit China

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On 11th November 2015 the 4th VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit China was held at the Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel.


The conference consisted of 3 parts: Strategic Topics, Speakers on Lean Thinking & Competitive Advantage and Panel Discussion “Automation within China as an option to reduce costs” for VDMA Members.

We provided English – Chinese simultaneous interpreting services throughout the one-day conference.

adminInterpreting Service for 4th VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit China
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Our partner – ICUnet celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

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On 10th November 2015, we participated in the 3rd anniversary of our partner – ICUnet. Our colleague, Ms. Lucille DECASSAN won the special prize of a free online access to Inventory for Intercultural Development®(I4ID®) – an assessment tool produced and developed by ICUnet measuring intercultural competences in an international context – as well as an individual debriefing of the test report with one of ICUnet’s intercultural experts –  a good omen for our partnership and congratulations to Lucille!


Lucille: “It was a really nice event with interesting topics. I liked the fact that ICUnet organized interactive workshops, which gave me a better understanding of the idea of an intercultural environment, how to analyze it, how to interact with it, and how to make it work better. I’m also very curious about the prize and excited to be awarded this test and to get the chance to take part in the debriefing. This is because regardless of the result, it will point me in the right direction towards improving myself when working in an intercultural team or environment.”


About I4ID®:

I4ID®, which stands for Inventory for Intercultural Development®, measures 19 intercultural competence facets that can be assigned to the following areas: Communication, Learning, Social Interaction, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, and Creating Synergies. The psychological approaches behind them provide a realistic and accurate profile of the respondent. I4ID® can be applied as:

– A coaching tool to increase intercultural competence
– A diagnosis of potential and training needs in the context of an assignment

– A basis for talent selection in combination with an assessment centre or assessment interview
– Increased awareness of intercultural relevant competences and behaviors when working in international teams
Dr. Lesley Czuma
Managing Director of ICUnet Asia
Tel : 0086 21 2898 6363
adminOur partner – ICUnet celebrates its 3rd Anniversary
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Interpreting Service for Mary Kay Dream Show

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Mary Kay China was founded 20 years ago. For the 20th anniversary, Mary Kay held the Women Business Capital Dream Show and 5 ladies from China were awarded “Women Business Capital” for their efforts.

mary-kay mary-kay-2

The idea of the dream show originated from the dream of the founder Ms. Mary Kay Ash. She wanted ED to help more ladies to achieve success with their own efforts. In the social and economic storm of “The public go for business establishment and innovation”, Mary Kay hopes to encourage more ladies to fight for their dreams.

mary-kay-3 mary-kay-5

We are delighted to have participated in this Dream Show, providing voting devices, technical support, Chinese-English simultaneous interpreting services and equipment for this event.

adminInterpreting Service for Mary Kay Dream Show
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