HI-COM is going for a touch down!

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We provided Consecutive Interpretation from English into Chinese during the NFL World Championship on September 25th (Shanghai) and September 28th (Beijing). The famous  former American football quarterback Peyton Manning, who won 2 super bowls, was there too. Go BRONCOS 🙂



adminHI-COM is going for a touch down!
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A fun team building with our partner QPSOFTWARE.

A great battle at the laser game which ended up by a large and absolute victory of ….

QPSOFTWARE, we must admit 🙂


A good time!

For those who may be interested, here is the info of the laser game:

Laser Game: K7  (K-7镭射俱乐部)
Address:  B1, Building B, No. 1301, Gonghexin Road, Zhabei District.

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Our partner – ICUnet celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

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On 10th November 2015, we participated in the 3rd anniversary of our partner – ICUnet. Our colleague, Ms. Lucille DECASSAN won the special prize of a free online access to Inventory for Intercultural Development®(I4ID®) – an assessment tool produced and developed by ICUnet measuring intercultural competences in an international context – as well as an individual debriefing of the test report with one of ICUnet’s intercultural experts –  a good omen for our partnership and congratulations to Lucille!


Lucille: “It was a really nice event with interesting topics. I liked the fact that ICUnet organized interactive workshops, which gave me a better understanding of the idea of an intercultural environment, how to analyze it, how to interact with it, and how to make it work better. I’m also very curious about the prize and excited to be awarded this test and to get the chance to take part in the debriefing. This is because regardless of the result, it will point me in the right direction towards improving myself when working in an intercultural team or environment.”


About I4ID®:

I4ID®, which stands for Inventory for Intercultural Development®, measures 19 intercultural competence facets that can be assigned to the following areas: Communication, Learning, Social Interaction, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, and Creating Synergies. The psychological approaches behind them provide a realistic and accurate profile of the respondent. I4ID® can be applied as:

– A coaching tool to increase intercultural competence
– A diagnosis of potential and training needs in the context of an assignment

– A basis for talent selection in combination with an assessment centre or assessment interview
– Increased awareness of intercultural relevant competences and behaviors when working in international teams
Dr. Lesley Czuma
Managing Director of ICUnet Asia
Tel : 0086 21 2898 6363
E-mail: lesley.czuma@icunet.ag
Website: www.icunet.cn
adminOur partner – ICUnet celebrates its 3rd Anniversary
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