Interpreting is the process of orally translating spoken communication. It is recommended when communicating and negotiating face-to-face.

Are you organizing a training course in a workshop or classroom? Maybe you are holding a meeting, sales conference, business seminar or international exhibition?

Whatever type of event you are planning, our highly skilled and qualified interpreters provide their expertise and experience to ensure communication between the various participants is clear and constructive.

Specialists in your area of activity, our interpreters are rigorously assessed and selected according to the specific requirements of each mission.

Prior to the event, to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible, we ask the client to provide the interpreters with as much support material as possible to help them prepare effectively for the task in hand.

  • Flexible and proactive resources, and bespoke project management
  • An experienced team of translators, interpreters, and experts in some of the most complex fields
  • Highly qualified resources - masters degrees and postgraduate qualifications from some of the most prestigious universities
  • A commitment to confidentiality