Language expertise

Our translators/interpreters:

  • are holders of masters or postgraduate qualifications in Professional Translation and Interpreting (from some of the best universities around the world)
  • translate exclusively into their mother tongue
  • proofread the work of their colleagues, as well as their own work
  • only work in fields in which they are specialists.

Our linguists are put through a rigorous testing and interview process before being selected, and are then supported and supervised by our team of Project Managers.

Project management

HI-COM  has a “win-win” relationship with each of its clients. This is achieved thanks to our Project managers, who are organized by sector and ensure each language requirement is fully taken into account, by answering the following questions at the beginning of each project:

  • In what context will the documents for translation be used?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the objectives that need to be achieved?
  • Are there any budgetary constraints?
  • Is there a specific deadline required by the client?

Project Managers launch the project, track its progress and closely monitor scheduling constraints and any urgent requirements. They ensure the teams involved in the process cooperate accordingly and follow the relevant methodology.

Our Project Managers are your main point of contact and carry out the following tasks:

  • Management of the schedule
  • Answering of technical questions
  • Preparation of deliverables
  • Tracking receipt of deliveries

They also carefully select the most suitable team for the project using the following criteria:

  • Technical expertise of the translators in relation to the material to be translated.
  • Availability of staff with reference to the client’s requirements.
  • Native language of resources .

Our Project Managers prepare the project translation specifications including any glossaries, style guides and software to be used.

Knowledge as an asset

To ensure the consistency and quality you expect, HI-COM strives to build on each of the projects it is assigned. To achieve this, our teams greatly appreciate your feedback so that they can take into account any changes you make for future projects.

Our translators are trained in using specialist translation software which helps ensure consistency of terminology and style for translation projects, particularly when several translators are assigned to the same project.